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Top 5 Bachelor’s Degrees in Substance Abuse and Addictions Counseling Online

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By: BCD Staff
August 2018

The online bachelor's degrees listed here will allow students with an interest in the field of substance abuse and addictions counseling to acquire an in-depth education in the field of addiction and substance abuse. These online accredited programs will prepare graduates for entry-level positions in the field of substance abuse and addictions counseling in settings such residential treatment centers, hospitals, correctional facilities, social service agencies, and community health clinics. Students who earn their bachelor's degree in substance abuse and addictions counseling online will also be prepared to apply for and competitively compete for graduate programs in counseling and related fields. This ranking is part of our series on Online Degrees in Substance Abuse and Addictions Counseling.



Crown College

Saint Bonifacius, MN

Crown College offers an online Alcohol and Drug Counseling Bachelor's Degree Program. Students in this online program will learn the skills to support individuals impacted by addiction as they work towards recovery and healing. The program emphasizes a commitment to training professionals to assess, understand, and treat the whole person with attention to the individuals psychological, cultural, and spiritual life. Crown College offers students a Christian-centered education with attention to the role that faith can play in the recovery process. Graduates of the program will be prepared to pursue licensure as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC). Students outside the state of Minnesota should consult their home state licensure board to evaluate if program training matches state licensure requirements.

Courses include: General Psychology; Social Science Research Methods; Abnormal Psychology; Introduction to Drug and Alcohol Counseling; Psychopharmacology; Diversity Issues in Counseling; Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy; Methods of Counseling; Assessment and Treatment Planning; Case Management for Alcohol and Drug Counseling; Group Dynamics; and Alcohol and Drug Counseling Internship.

  • Cost: $450 / Credit Hour
  • Retention rate: 66%

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Ohio Christian University

Circleville, OH

The bachelor's degree in substance abuse at Ohio Christian University requires the completion of 120 credit hours — 45 credit hours in general education, 36 credit hours in general electives, and 39 credit hours in substance abuse counseling. Students study topics such as ethical and legal issues in counseling, psychopharmacology, family dynamics in substance abuse, and chemical dependency counseling. The school prides itself on the integration of Christian values with the counseling profession. For example, in the methods of counseling course, learners explore the ethical issues involved with the contemporary counseling profession through the lense of the Bible.

Courses include: Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling; Chemical Dependency Counseling; Family Dynamics in Substance Abuse; Psychopharmacology; Prevention Strategies; Diagnostic Evaluation and Personal Assessment; Case Management; Theories and Techniques of Group Counseling; Methods of Counseling; Abnormal Psychology; and Spiritual Dimensions of Illness and Recovery.

  • Cost: $416 / Credit Hour
  • Retention rate: 65%

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Ottawa University - Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ

Ottawa University offers a Bachelor of Science in Addictions Counseling online. This online Addictions Counseling program offers a comprehensive education in Addiction Counseling with attention to dual-diagnosis for any co-occurring disorders that may also be influencing the individual's work towards successfully fighting their alcohol and/or other drug use and abuse. The curriculum is designed to meet the licensing and certification requirements for a drug and alcohol counselor for most states. Licensing and certification requirements vary by state and applicants are encouraged to consult their home state licensing board for more information.

Courses include: Introduction to Substance Abuse Disorders and Addictions Counseling; Human Development and Addiction; Theories of Personality and Addiction; Psychopharmacology and Addiction; Psychopathological and Co-Occurring Disorders; Clinical Addiction Counseling Issues; Multicultural competencies in Addiction Counseling; Professional Responsibility: Legal and Ethics Issues of Addiction Counseling; Special Issues in Addiction Counseling; Families and Addiction; and Group Counseling in Addiction.

  • Cost: $375 / Credit Hour

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Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Natchitoches, LA

A Bachelor of Science in Addiction Studies is offered online at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. This degree provides students with the opportunity to learn about the growing field and expanding profession of addiction studies. This online degree will prepare graduates for entry-level positions in various settings such as residential treatment centers, correctional facilities, and community health clinics. Graduates will also be prepared to be competitive for graduate programs in counseling, psychology, and related fields.

Courses include: Introduction to Addiction Disorders; Family Dynamics; Screening and Assessment; Case Management; Addiction Counseling Skills; Dynamics of Group Counseling; Special Populations; Co-Occurring Disorders; Pharmacology of Addiction; and Ethics for Psychology and Addiction.

  • Cost: $375 / Credit Hour
  • Retention rate: 76%

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Indiana Wesleyan University

Marion, IN

Indiana Wesleyan University offers a Bachelor of Science in Addictions Counseling online. This online undergraduate counseling program is designed to be convenient and accessible for students. The Addictions Counseling degree program is set up to provide students with a framework for understanding the disease of addiction from a Christian perspective and can be completed in 22 months. A supportive learning environment is facilitated through a cohort model where students will have the opportunity to connect with, support, and be supported by peers. Students will engage in fieldwork, at a site local to the student, through a practicum to get direct experience working with individuals impacted by addiction.

Courses include: General Psychology; Principles of Addictions Counseling; Addictions Theory; Intergroup Relations; Developmental Psychology; Addictions Counseling Skills; Theory and Practice of Group Counseling; Psychopharmacology; Physiological Psychology; Counseling Addicted and Dysfunctional Family Systems; Addiction Programs and Professional Development; and Addictions Counseling Practicum.

  • Cost: $375 / Credit Hour
  • Retention rate: 52%

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For the Top 5 Online Bachelor's Degrees in Substance Abuse and Addictions Counseling, a list of schools was gathered from College Navigator. Schools were selected that had programs in "substance abuse/addiction counseling" and offered the programs as distance education. These programs were then checked for regional accreditation by the Council for Higher Education, and only those that were regionally accredited were retained on the list. Next, each school's website was searched for bachelor degree programs offered in an online format. Finally, schools were ranked by tuition (per credit hour) as listed on the program's website for online and distance education degrees.