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What Does A Counselor in Student Affairs Do?

A student affairs counselor has a very important job on a college campus. This professional is responsible for overseeing many different students to ensure that they have the resources that they need in order to succeed during their years at the university. These resources might apply to something like financial assistance or it could be related to personal growth or academic growth. This is a fun and rewarding career as you get to meet many different students, coming from many different backgrounds. Your job is meaningful. The experience these students have on campus now will shape the rest of their lives, not only on a personal level but also on a professional level as well. Let's take a closer look at what a student affairs counselor actually does on a daily basis.

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Financial Assistance

Providing financial assistance to students makes a big difference in their future. They may feel like they can't afford school and might be considering not enrolling altogether. They might not be aware of the various programs that are available to students who are in need of financial help. Your job is to let them know there is help available and assist them with applying for this help. Working through the myriad forms and applications can be very overwhelming, especially for a student who is budgeting their own college education despite never having to work with so much money and numbers in their life. Having some help from a professional student affairs person can really make a difference in their overall financial stability, their college debt they graduate with, etc.

Personal Help

The college years are a very crucial point in a young adults life when it comes to them discovering who they are, growing as a person and becoming the adult that they want to be. There is a lot that goes on on a college campus and this can be a risky time for some students if they get caught up with partying or hanging out with the wrong crowd instead of focusing on their studies. Personal support on a mentor-based level can help students stay on track and if they do fall back with their studies you can help get them re-focused and continue with what they need to do.

Academic Support

There are certain requirements that a university will have in order for their students to graduate with a degree. This can include things like general education requirements, internships, and classes. In order to help students stay on track towards graduation, you may be asked to be an advisor to a group of students. They will meet with you periodically and you will assess their credits and what they have accomplished. You will also make a plan moving forward.

Working as a counselor in student affairs is typically a very fast paced job that always keeps you meeting new students and focusing on the needs of the student body at your university.