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5 Great Conferences About Social Justice in 2018

Social Justice Conferences

  • White Privilege Conference 18
  • Time To Thrive
  • Creating Change Conference
  • Social Justice Training Institute
  • National Race Amity Conference

Many people are coming forward to build foundations to promote social justice, so it stands that conferences are commonplace in this very important issue. Here are five conferences that any individual interested in social justice should attend.

White Privilege Conference 19

The White Privilege Conference, or WPC19, is one of the best social justice conferences to attend in 2018. Taking place April 4th through April 7th, this conference will be hosted in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The topic will be "Super People and Superpowers: Prepare to be The Future of Social Justice Work," a title that denotes encouraging and preparing white people to be a stronger voice in social justice efforts. The conference will host a keynote speaker, workshops, and a project that will help attendees learn their place in the social justice world. Vendors and exhibitors will also be present, all of which are committed to ending racial injustice.

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Time To Thrive

The Human Rights Campaign is the home of the Time to Thrive conference; the fifth outing of this event will take place in Orlando, Florida, from February 16th to the 18th. It is a conference that is dedicated to improving the lives and rights of LGBTQ youth around the world; it focuses on issues such as public support, equal rights at school, and more. The conference is a great event for young attendees; the conference may count as college credit at both the undergraduate and graduate level. All attendees will be able to participate in workshops, a lecture series, and listen to the keynote speaker, who has yet to be announced.

Creating Change Conference

Sponsored by the National LGBTQ Task Force, the Creating Change Conference will be held in Washington, D.C., from January 24th to the 28th in 2018. The conference has a whole host of activities, such as training sessions, plenaries, evening events, field excursions and more. What makes this such a great social justice conference is that the sponsors have taken time to add in necessary events, such as Muslim prayer, 12 step and recovery meetings, a lobbying day, Shabbat service, and even a multi-faith service. It is an incredible conference that everyone will be glad they attended.

Social Justice Training Institute

The Social Justice Training Institute is an annual event that will take place in June 2018 in Springfield, Massachusetts. It is generally a five-day event that focuses on sessions with leaders in the social justice field and focuses on how current issues can be resolved through dialogue and appropriate protest. This social justice conference is one of the most popular of its kind. It has proved so popular, in fact, that a Student SJTI conference was formed to help youths better understand the changing face of social justice in America.

National Race Amity Conference

The National Race Amity Conference is an annual event that takes into account race, transracial, and cross-racial and cultural issues. Held every year in autumn, the event discusses difficult issues, such as the impact that whitewashing history has had on cultural heritage and pride. The schedule traditionally offers presentations from people of all different colors and cultures, sessions about racial activism, and eye-opening workshops on the rich heritage that has made the United States the cultural melting pot that it is known as today. The date and location of the 2018 conference have yet to be announced; however, it is possible to sign up for email updates.

Social justice isn't just a buzzword; it is a cause that has emboldened millions of Americans to fight for what they believe is right: equal rights for every single citizen. Over the past decade, this idea has turned into an actionable movement, one that counts various conferences as a result. We've mentioned five great conferences about social justice in 2018 that you should attend. Now is the time to register your participation.