What is Holistic Counseling?

Updated November 22, 2022 · 1 Min Read

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Counseling is something that can be very beneficial for people who are working through personal problems such as past trauma, mental illness, or relationship issues. Typically, modern medicine has provided counseling in a modern medicine type of way, through talk therapy and medication support if needed. Holistic counseling and holistic therapies are on the rise in many of these counseling facilities, providing a much different approach to dealing with mental health as a whole. Let’s take a closer look at what this holistic form of counseling is all about.

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Addressing The Physical

Many holistic professionals believe that the body as a whole can really control how a person feels on a more mental level. Something like depression or anxiety may be related to a predetermined mental health issue, but it may be able to be effectively controlled and managed by using more physical treatment options. These treatments can vary but often include:


What a person eats may very well be affecting how they feel and what they may be lacking can have an effect as well. Many holistic professionals will take a detailed look at what a patient is consuming on a daily basis and ask them to cut out things like alcohol, refined sugars, and processed foods. These things can increase a person’s anxiety and depression very quickly.


The body’s overall alignment may affect mental health, according to some professionals. Things like chiropractic care or ongoing yoga practices can help align the body and keep it in sync physically and mentally.


There are new treatments being used like sensory deprivation chambers, saltwater chambers and so on that help heal the body and help it function optimally to promote healthy mental health.

Keeping the body functioning at its best will help a person feel good physically and mentally. These two things function very hand in hand.

Addressing The Spiritual

Another aspect of this holistic care is addressing the spiritual side of life. A person who doesn’t have any concept or beliefs in the afterlife or beyond this realm of thinking often experiences things like depression or anxiety. They don’t always feel they have a greater purpose and this can cause a patient to spiral out of control. When a practitioner incorporates spirituality into a treatment plan, this can help a person heal from past experiences and it can give them a better sense of self.

Psychological Care

Traditional forms of counseling are still used in therapy along with other holistic counseling techniques. This can include talk therapy, hypnotism, and exposure therapy. Each of these treatments works along with the brain to help a person be able to understand their feelings better and cope. Putting all of this therapy together can help a person feel better and help them function better in their day to day life.

Of course, different treatments work for different people and just because holistic therapy works for one person, doesn’t mean everybody will see results. It is also important to get a recommendation for a counselor in your area that holds a good reputation among its clients as well as other medical and mental health professionals in the area.

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