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If you are interested in becoming a school counselor, you can learn a lot from successful counselors currently working in the field. By reading several school counseling blogs, you can gain important insight into today’s educational system as well as have access to the latest counseling resources. Check out these five great blogs that cover a wide range of educational levels.

1. Elementary School Counseling

The Elementary School Counseling blog is an excellent website for counselors who work with students in grades K-6. This informational blog is maintained by Marissa Rex, an elementary school counselor from Ohio. In fact, Marissa has several articles dedicated to every type of counseling situation. This includes individual, small group and classroom counseling as well as school-wide programs. Moreover, the resource list is very extensive and offers a plethora of additional counseling websites, award opportunities and free hard copy resources. To find out more, check out this blog at http://www.elementaryschoolcounseling.org.

2. Savvy School Counselor

The Savvy School Counselor blog is an inspirational site designed for current and prospective school counselors. Vanessa, the blog’s author, is an educator-turned-counselor who has over 24 years of educational and counseling experience. Bridging the gap between the classroom and school counseling, Vanessa offers some great ideas ranging from character education, classroom guidance and public relations. Also, if you are looking for help into successfully passing the National Board certification exams, Vanessa offers some very insightful and effective techniques on her website. Be sure to check out this blog at http://savvyschoolcounselor.com/.

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3. The Middle School Counselor

The Middle School Counselor blog offers important advice and counseling resources specifically for counseling middle school students. Carol is the blog’s author, and she has over 20 years of school counseling experience. This blog has many past articles that deal with middle school issues such as anxiety, bullying, college prep and the counselor’s role. Carol has also written counseling books on gender-specific curriculum for both boys or girls. To discover more relevant middle school counseling resources, check out Carol’s Pinterest board linked through her blog. Overall, this comprehensive middle school counseling site is a must-see blog at http://www.themiddleschoolcounselor.com.

4. The Counseling Geek

For a technological perspective on school counseling, visit http://www.thecounselinggeek.com. The Counseling Geek website provides innovative tools and advice on how to effectively use today’s technology. You will find articles ranging from mobile applications for counselors to easy ways to add technology to your counseling program. Jeff Ream is the founder and writer behind this exciting blog. When you first visit the site, Jeff’s credibility is immediately obvious with the advanced blog layout and state-of-the-art design. In our technological age, learning how to connect with students with effective media can be extremely useful for school counselors at every educational level.

5. The College Solution

The College Solution website is designed for high school counselors to guide their students with important college advice. Covering every aspect of finding and applying for colleges, this website holds a wealth of knowledge from financial aid to writing recommendation letters. The author is Lynn O’Shaughnessy, a nationally recognized as a college expert. Some of her thoughtful blogs cover admission procedures, academic requirements, what to expect from campus life and college costs. In addition, if you join Lynn’s free newsletter at http://www.thecollegesolution.com/, you will receive her free guide to finding the most generous colleges.

For anyone wanting to become a school counselor, these five blogs provide a wealth of knowledge based on real-world counseling experience. Use this list as a launching pad to discover the amazing world of school counseling.

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