5 Great Podcasts for School Counselors

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School counselors are educators as well as being counselors. They deal with academic as well as ethical issues when it comes to their students. It’s a tough, yet fulfilling career where you never stop learning. It’s important to stay current and have a place to learn, which is why podcasts are a great way to stay in touch with current issues facing counselors.


This podcast features current school counseling issues as well as trends in the types of situations that a school counselor has to deal with on a daily basis. They have interviews with counselors across the U.S. Examples of interviews include one with Kristin Kelly who talks about how counselors can support children in foster care. Another example is an interview with a counselor in Florida who talks about how respect in schools is declining.

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Dr. Poppy Moon’s School Counseling Podcast

Poppy Moon is a professor of school counseling at the University of West Alabama. She discusses many of the tricks she’s learned over the years on how to be a great school counselor. As she mentors students in her classroom, she does the same for the podcast, so it feels as if she’s talking to you directly. Dr. Moon spends an entire podcast talking about notes and documentation as well as how to deal with small groups of students in elementary and middle schools. It’s a great podcast for counselors who are still in school or recently graduated.

A Day in the Life of a School Counselor

This podcast differs from the others because it’s a video podcast. Marissa Rex is a first-grade teacher as well as being an elementary school counselor. She takes you through her daily routine as well as how she organizes her schedule to complete all her tasks. The podcast is part of the platform elementaryschoolcounseling.org where there are blogs, resources and program information for school counselors who service the elementary school age.

American Counseling Association

Members of the ACA can download these podcast episodes directly to their computer. While there are specific podcasts dealing with the counseling aspect like “Values and Ethics in Counseling,” there are other interesting podcasts that school counselors will find helpful like “Hunger, Hope and Healing” and “Counselors in Transition.” School counselors will find “Integral Deep Listening” to be a good fundamental learning episode for their careers. Podcasts for school counselors should focus on the learning as well as the counseling aspect.

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The Teachers’ Lounge

While a few teachers spend their entire careers in a field that they love, many don’t make it past 5 years. After years of schooling, budget cuts, disruptive parents, testing changes and bad administrators can make a teaching career almost painful. This podcast provides tools and camaraderie that helps teachers succeed in a field that they love. The podcast helps motivate educators as well as counselors on how to make it through difficult situations.

Podcasts for school counselors are great for listening while you’re in the car, commuting to work or cleaning the house. They’re particularly helpful for professions like school counseling where there can be incredible stresses and difficult situations.

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