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Whether you are a graduate counseling student, recent college graduate, or professional career-changer interested in breaking into the field of school counseling, the following is a thorough guide packed with numerous important resources on how to become a school counselor. School counseling deals with helping students overcome social or behavioral problems, developing necessary academic or social skills, evaluating students’ interests, collaborating with teachers, and providing individual or group counseling in K-12 school settings.

If you have a drive to work with children who are dealing with stressful or difficult situations, school counseling is often named among the best jobs with in-demand prospects in the social service sector for qualified professionals with a strong knowledge base and certification. Read on for a complete guide with numerous social media profiles, articles, videos, publications, and news stories delivering the important information needed to get on the right track to a rewarding career as a school counselor.
What is a School Counselor?
Differentiating Between Types of Counselors in the Education System
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What Education and Certification is Necessary to Be a School Counselor?
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Professional Associations, Organizations and Advocacy Groups
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First of all, it is essential to understand the fundamental job description of what a school counselor is responsible for. As educational and developmental support for school-aged children, school counselors are given the task of ensuring all children can realize their fullest academic and career goals. There are various daily duties that come with the title of school counselor. Peruse these links to learn some definitive resources for an in-depth overview of the helping profession.
Often confused with school psychologists, guidance counselors, and career counselors, school counselors have a specific role that dramatically differs from the other academic, social, career, and mental health support personnel within the school environment. While these positions may share a common goal, the following are some excellent resources on how school counselors stand out and differ from the other types of professionals that occupy the educational system.
Before making a career decision or shelling out a large sum of money for earning a college degree, it is imperative that individuals have a firm understanding on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are needed to be successful in a certain field. So, do you have what it takes to be a successful school counselor? Read on to find a long list of articles detailing the top characteristics that are essential for an effective career in school counseling.
School counselors need to possess a strong knowledge base in developmental psychology, counseling methodology, and educational philosophy in order to effectively assist students in acquiring the life-long skills that are needed to fulfill their academic, career, and interpersonal potential. Therefore, the following resources detail the essential educational and experiential learning experiences that are needed to gain the knowledge and practical skills needed to be successful as a certified school counselor.
Whether you are a busy working professional seeking to advance your career or a full-time student searching for universities outside your local area, pursuing an online degree can be the best method for obtaining a college education with a flexible schedule from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Since all online colleges are not created equal, the following is a great starting point to finding quality online master’s degree programs in school counseling.  (For a listing of top online Bachelor's degree programs, see Top 25 Ranked Affordable Online Counseling Degrees (Bachelor's) 2014)
As expected, the day in the life of a school counselor changes dramatically depending on whether the professional is employed at an elementary, middle, or secondary school setting. While elementary school counselors mainly support students overcoming developmental disabilities or behavioral problems, high school counselors focus on assisting students with applying for colleges that align with career plans. Below are some links to great articles to help you discover which grade level is the perfect match for your skills and interests.
With the job market remaining highly competitive, it is important that new school counselors understand how to stand out from the crowd by creating a memorable resume, passing an interview with flying colors, and impressing future employers. Therefore, we have compiled a whole arsenal of tips specifically for landing a first position in school counseling. In addition, you will find links to some of the best job search websites that can be helpful when searching for open school counselor positions in your local area.
While it is never a wise decision to make an important career decision based solely on the amount written on a paycheck, it is vital that individuals have a clear expectation of the salary potential of their dream job to ensure it will cover the costs of their lifestyle comfortably. Often considered among the highest paying jobs in the social service sector, the following are some trusted government resources on the average salary that school counselors can expect to make in the United States.
As with any other profession, school counselors have a responsibility to stay up-to-date on all of the latest news stories, facts, research findings, trends, and practice strategies at all levels of their professional development. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit the following best school counseling blogs and journals on a weekly basis to gather all of the essential new information on techniques, materials, ideas, and practices needed to strengthen your professional capacity as a school counselor.
In conjunction with academic experiences and professional developmental programs, conferences provide individuals with the best opportunities for building relationships with colleagues, learning about key issues in the industry, learning about job openings, gaining insight into recent research findings, and demonstrating commitment to the profession. Below are links five top annual school counseling conferences held within the United States that you should consider attending to perfect your skills or knowledge at supporting the mental and social well-being of students.
When beginning a new career or furthering an old career as a school counselor, individuals are always encouraged to join a professional association in the field for professional development, publication, research, advocacy, networking, and other opportunities in the profession. Be sure to follow these links to the most popular professional organizations devoted to support school counselors with the goal of helping students lead fulfilling lives as responsible citizens.
With the skyrocketing rise in popularity of social media over the last few years, professionals are surely missing out on various chances for learning and networking without participating in the most popular social media platforms. Social media makes it easier than ever before to directly connect with colleagues just like you all over the world to build long-lasting connections and enhance your own personal career development. From Pinterest and LinkedIn to Facebook and Twitter, the following are the top five professional social media profiles related to school counseling that you should follow for countless lessons, materials, techniques, insights, experiences, challenges, and inspirations.
Whether you are the type to read the daily newspaper each morning or barely skim the headlines from news media outlets, it is imperative that you take the time to research the latest news related to the school counseling field if you want to be at the top of your game. Through news stories, school counselors can obtain crucial insights into the status of the field, any changes in regulations, or recent research evidence to improve school effectiveness. The following are four informative articles on school counseling from some of the best sources for getting access to the most relevant news.
Overall, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts fast employment growth due to rising student enrollments in elementary, middle, and high schools, it is an excellent time to get started on a fascinating career in school counseling to make a real difference in the lives of children and adolescents. Using the free resources found within this guide to learn all of ins and outs on how to become a school counselor, you will possess the necessary knowledge to pursue a successful career in the growing school counseling field.