Psychology Degree Programs in Idaho

Updated November 30, 2022

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No matter where you are in your educational life, you might want to look at some of the psychology degree programs in Idaho. Psychology is essentially the study of human behavior. This field of study looks at what impacts a person's thoughts and actions as well as how certain modifications and changes can lead to changes in thoughts and behaviors. Idaho is home to several campuses that offer programs that help you complete a bachelor's degree, a master's degree or even a doctoral degree. The top programs in Idaho offers students the chance to gain experience outside of their psychology classes through the use of internships and field placements.

Top 10 Psychology Degree Programs in Idaho

Brigham Young University – Idaho Rexburg, ID
Idaho State University Pocatello, ID
Lewis-Clark State College Lewiston, ID
Northwest Nazarene University Nampa, ID
The College of Idaho Caldwell, ID
University of Idaho Moscow, ID

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  • Brigham Young University – Idaho

    Rexburg, ID

    Brigham Young University – Idaho is a branch of BYU that also goes by the names BYU-I and BYU-Idaho. Founded in 1888, it operated as a public high school and educated many of the Mormon settlers who flocked to Idaho. It became Ricks Academy near the turn of the 21st century and later served as Ricks College, which became one of the largest junior colleges in the state. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints later announced plans to turn it into a four-year college and changed its name in honor of Brigham Young himself, the founder of their religion.

    BS in Psychology, Emphasis in General Psychology

    BYU-Idaho is one of three good psychology degree programs in Idaho. One of those programs is a BS in Psychology with an emphasis in general psychology. Designed for students who want to know more about psychology as a whole, this program allows students to take a range of courses in psychology subjects. It includes 40 credits of foundation work in classes like math and science that better prepare students for the advanced research and statistics classes that they will take later. Students must take a minimum of 31 credits of electives as well as 49 credits of psychology classes. BYU-I will also let students do a psychology internship. Students can get up to three credits for an internship, but they must do at least 150 hours of work in the field. The university allows students to major in psychology and enroll in the program at any point during the school year.

    BS in Psychology, Emphasis in Industrial Organizational Psychology

    The university also offers a BS in Psychology with an emphasis in industrial organizational psychology. Also called IO psychology, some refer to this subject as work psychology or business psychology. It looks more specifically at how people do work and how employers can improve the lives of their employees. BYU-I created this program to help students more easily transition into a graduate program and to prepare students for working in this rapidly growing field. One of its more recent projects allowed students to work with orphans overseas and find ways to help those orphans. Though students do have the option of doing an internship in this program, they must contact the department head and talk with him about their options. He has the right to approve or turn a student down. BYU-I requires that industrial organizational psychology students take 40 credits of foundation courses, 49 credits of psychology courses and 31 credits of electives that can include IO psychology classes.

    BS in Psychology, Emphasis in Health Psychology

    Another option for psychology students is the BYU-I BS in Psychology with an emphasis in health psychology, which can prepare students for working in health clinics and other facilities as well as going on to graduate school. This program includes more research classes that will require students do independent research away from class, write papers and present their findings in front of the class. Students must also take an exam during their senior years called the ETS that determines whether they are ready for graduate school. Instead of looking at just human thoughts and behaviors, this program looks at how a person's health can affect his or her mood and how certain mental conditions can lead to emotional problems. BYU-I gives students the option of declaring a minor, but the university also encourages students to not declare a minor and to use their electives to pursue interests outside of psychology.


    Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities


    525 South Center St.

    Rexburg, ID, 83460

    (866) 672-2984

  • Idaho State University

    Pocatello, ID

    Founded in 1901, Idaho State University opened as the Academy of Idaho, which opened with just a few buildings. The academy grew so quickly that the school acquired several additional blocks to accommodate for its growing enrollment. Now called Idaho State University, it has a good reputation as a research institute. Students at the undergrad, graduate and doctoral levels all have opportunities to conduct their own research. Though it formerly operated as a junior college and a regional branch of the University of Idaho, ISU is now a separate four-year university that operates independently from that other school.

    Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Psychology

    The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Psychology programs offered by ISU are programs designed for undergrads. Students must complete all general education requirements, including courses in oral and written communications, mathematics knowledge, humanities and the fine arts. While there is also a foreign language requirement, students have the option of testing out of taking any additional foreign language courses. Students also take four introductory psychology courses on research methods, statistics, psychology careers and general psychology. The program also includes courses on theories of personality, abnormal psychology, social psychology, history of psychology and behavioral neuroscience. They can then pick the 12 credits of electives they must take from upper division courses. BA students typically take more fine arts and humanities classes, while those enrolled in the BS program will take more courses in science and math as well as more courses with a heavy research component.

    Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Psychology

    One of the top psychology degree programs in Idaho for those with an interest in experimental psychology is the Doctor of Philosophy program available from Idaho State University. The program is extremely selective, and in one year, the university accepted just two of the 14 students who applied. Those accepted do have the chance to apply for assistantship positions on campus that will fully fund their educational costs. This program is unique because it lets students finish a master's degree and then transition into the PhD program. Professors working for the psychology department can recommend which students should continue with their studies. The doctoral program requires that students take 10 credits of courses on special topics and 18 credit hours of electives. They will also earn 12 credits for the research and writing work they do on their dissertations to reach the 40 required credits needed for graduation from the program.

    Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

    ISU designed its Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology for students who want to work as mental health counselors or in other clinical settings. This program is more extensive than the one in experimental psychology and requires that students spend more time doing clinical work and finishing the 69 credits required for graduation. They take three classes on measurements and diagnostics and a minimum of 20 credits from within the clinical core, which may include classes on advanced ethics and professional issues, clinical psychology, cultural diversity, childhood treatments and clinical medications. The university requires that students take at least three credits of electives and that they do at least one internship. This clinical psychology program also requires that students complete their own dissertations as part of their studies. A dissertation lets them demonstrate all the skills and knowledge they gained while in the program and shows that they are ready to graduate.


    Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities


    921 South 8th Avenue

    Pocatello, Idaho, 83209

    (208) 282-4956

  • Lewis-Clark State College

    Lewiston, ID

    Lewis-Clark State College is public college in Idaho that only offers bachelor's programs for its more than 4,000 enrolled students. Named the Lewiston State Normal School when first founded in recognition of its location, it offers prep classes for the teachers moving to Idaho and then further west. Financial problems and other issues led to the college closing its doors and changing its name several times before finally becoming Lewis-Clark State College in the early 1970s. U.S. News and World Report ranks Lewis-Clark State College as one of the best colleges in the western region of the country.

    Bachelor of Arts/Science in Psychology

    Students in the Bachelor of Arts/Science in Psychology program at Lewis-Clark State College take a minimum of 120 credits of classes, but those students have the option of earning either a BA or a BS degree. They must take general ed courses in math, life science, humanities, English, social sciences and a foreign language. Required psych courses are worth 30 credits and include courses like social psychology, research methods, statistical research and biological bases of behavior. Many students minor in a related field like biology, health sciences or social work. As one of the psychology degree programs in Idaho, it also allows students to do an internship.


    Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities


    500 8th Avenue

    Lewiston, ID 83501

    (208) 792-5272

  • Northwest Nazarene University

    Nampa, ID

    Northwest Nazarene University started out as the Idaho Holiness School when it opened in 1913. Its founder designed it as a Bible school that would also offer classes for younger children. When its curriculum expanded to include college classes, it became a junior college and then a full university. It also eliminated its programs for younger children to focus more on its older students. Also called NNU, it is one of just eight colleges in the entire country with an affiliation with the Church of the Nazarene. Many of its students come from the same religious background.

    Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

    One of the more unique psychology degree programs in Idaho is the Bachelor of Arts, Psychology program at Northwest Nazarene University. This program requires that students take a number of religious courses, which will assist them in counseling church members. Students must take 24 credits of core psychology classes like introduction to psychology, lifespan development, psychology of religion, psychology of learning and social psychology. They also take a minimum of 27 credits of psychology electives and complete general ed requirements too. NNU offers some more advanced psychology courses as well, including experimental design and analysis and a field experience worth up to four credits.


    Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities


    623 S University Blvd.

    Nampa, Idaho 83686

    (877) NNU-4YOU

  • The College of Idaho

    Caldwell, ID

    The College of Idaho, formerly known as the Albertson College of Idaho, is a private university in Idaho with a reputation as one of the state's best liberal arts colleges. It added Albertson to its name after an alumni donated money to the university, but it changed its name back to The College of Idaho in more recent years. Though a local branch of the Presbyterian Church helped establish the campus, it is a nondenominational university with no religious affiliation. The College of Idaho is a relatively small college with an enrollment of fewer than 2,000 undergrad students.

    Psychology Major

    Also called C of I, this small university designed its psychology major for those who want to learn more about why and how humans think, feel and act. Though students must complete general ed requirements, they must also complete requirements within the program itself. They take a minimum of 38 credit hours of psychology courses that can include general psychology, introduction to biological psychology, introduction to developmental psychology and social psychology. Called one of the best psychology degree programs in Idaho, it also requires that students do an independent study project that will prepare them for doing a thesis in graduate school.


    Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities


    2112 Cleveland Blvd.

    Caldwell, ID 83605

    (208) 459-5011

  • University of Idaho

    Moscow, ID

    The University of Idaho ranks as one of the most prestigious schools in the state and also as the oldest public college in Idaho. Established in 1889, it was one of the state's only institutions of higher learning until the 1960s when new campuses opened. Many of its students attend smaller junior colleges before transferring to the main campus. Also called UI and U of I, this university made the list of the best colleges in America released by U.S. News and World Report, Washington Monthly and Forbes. Kiplinger's Personal Finance also ranks UI as one of the country's most affordable colleges.

    Psychology, B.A.

    To ensure that its students are better prepared for the future, UI does not allow its psychology students to graduate unless they can maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in all their classes. It also requires that students score a "C" grade or higher in certain required courses. The Psychology, BA program is more suitable for students who want to use psychology methods in practical applications such as working as a social worker or in the criminal justice system. This program includes more basic knowledge courses like introduction to psychology, biology and society and introduction to social psychology. While students do take some research and science courses, they take fewer than those enrolled in the BS program take. UI also allows those in the BA program to do one internship after taking courses on methods of social research, developmental psychology and a few other classes.

    Psychology, B.S.

    Those who want to study clinical psychology, experimental psychology and more advanced topics in graduate school may want to enroll in its Psychology, BS program instead of the BA program. This program is a little more intensive and relies heavily on courses in mathematics and science like statistics and research courses. Students can take courses like methods and analysis in organizational science, methods of social research and introduction to research in the behavioral sciences. The idea is that students will learn how to research the work done by others and learn how to perform their own experiments and conduct research at the graduate level. Students take five required courses on biology and society, statistical methods, research in the behavioral sciences, survey of contemporary psychology and introduction to psychology, and they must earn a "C" or higher in each class or they'll retake those classes to remain in the program.

    M.S. in Psychology

    One of the best psychology degree programs in Idaho is the M.S. in Psychology offered by UI. The university only accepts students with a 3.0 GPA in college who also have a degree in one of the behavioral sciences. All incoming students must take four classes on sensation and perception, cognitive psychology, statistics and experimental psychology. Students take 30 credits of classes, and at least 18 of those credits must come from classes at the 500 level or higher. Courses include engineering psychology, research methods, advanced research methods, ergonomics and biomechanics and human factors. There is also a class available on the interactions between human and computers. The University of Idaho gives students the option of doing a thesis or taking a final exam. They must submit their thesis work and defend their work or take and extensive exam that tests them on their knowledge before they can graduate.

    Ph.D. in Psychology

    The Ph.D. in Psychology program offered by the University of Idaho has an emphasis in human factors. Students entering this program must have a bachelor's and master's degree in behavioral sciences and have a minimum undergrad GPA of 3.0. IU will also require that new students submit their thesis work. The university will look over that thesis and determine if the student needs to do a new thesis paper or project at IU before starting the program. Though students must take 78 credits of work, including a minimum of 52 credits at the 500 level or higher, that feature classes like cognitive psychology, statistical analysis, advanced human factors, advanced research methods and human factors in engineering design. All IU PhD students will take an exam that tests their skills halfway through the program, and their scores on this exam will determine if they can continue. Students submit a dissertation before graduating too.


    Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities


    875 Perimeter Drive MS 3043

    Moscow, ID 83844-3043

    (208) 885-6324

Studying psychology can help you work as a mental health counselor, a marriage and family counselor or even an addiction specialist. The classes you take while enrolled in one of the top psychology degree programs in Idaho can help you find work in a clinical setting or help you start your own practice.

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