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Top Infographics for Counselors

At Best Counseling Degrees, we enjoy using infographics to help convert complex counseling-related information into a visually pleasing format that makes it easier for our readers to comprehend. We have compiled our favorite infographics that are full of useful information that counseling students should know about today's mental health field. Below you will find details about each of our infographics and a link that instantly takes you to view them. Make sure you check back often as our list of infographics continues to grow!

Counseling Infographics

The History of Madness

Within this exciting infographic, you will journey back in time to see how people have evolved in their methods of dealing with madness throughout the years, from Ancient Greece and Rome until the 20th century. Follow this illustrated timeline to increase your understanding of how treatments in the mental health field have dramatically changed since antiquity.


The Shaky Evolution of Mental Health Therapies

From bloodletting and trepanation to electroconculsive therapy and psychoanalysis, this engaging infographic offers a brief history of the different primitive, pre-modern, and modern treatments that have been used for mental illnesses. Based on interesting facts we already know, you will also discover how new technologies will also impact the mental health therapies used in the future.


Untying the Knot

On the bumpy road of marriage, around 1.2 million couples in the United States get a divorce each year. Therefore, we have created this infographic to explore why nearly 50% of all marriages today end in divorce and how divorce plays a prominent role in children's development.


Are the Ancient Practices of Yoga and Meditation a Cure All?

In an effort to negate the preconceived misconceptions surrounded yoga, this infographic has been designed to share why more than 20 million Americans now practice yoga to enjoy its natural healing properties. If you are thinking about jumping into yoga, take a look at this excellent infographic that details the long-lasting benefits of these ancient practices.


Melt Away Your Winter Woes

If you are prone to feeling sluggish and depressed during the long, cold winter months, you are certainly not alone as 20% of Americans suffer from seasonal mood changes. So how do you fight off these winter woes? Check out this infographic to find out the different methods that you can use to boost your mood and embrace winter.


Is the Future of Counseling and Therapy Online?

Since online therapy first began in 1972, the mental health field has been revolutionized by technological advances that have enabled individuals to receive counseling therapies via the Internet. Beyond detailing the various ways in which clients can receive mental health services on their mobile devices, the infographic also covers the pros and cons of online therapy and what it means for the future of counseling.

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