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If you want to become a counselor, searching for the best counseling degree programs and familiarizing yourself with different counseling positions, responsibilities and required education are important first steps. Working as a counselor in any field is a way to help others with their relationships, struggles with careers and even personal issues they may be encountering in their own lives. When you choose to work as a counselor, doing so is possible by obtaining a degree.

Learning all about human behavior, emotions and how to effectively communicate with a wide range of potential patients is all part of becoming a certified counselor. When you are working as a counselor, there are many different available career paths that may be suitable for you based on your experience and the areas of interest you have on your own. Selecting the right path for you as a counselor may depend on your degree program, where you live and the type of counseling position you desire. Our counseling FAQ library answers many of the most common questions regarding degrees and careers in this field.

How To Find The Best Counseling Degree Programs

When you are searching for the best counseling degrees that are accredited, you can do so by searching at local colleges and universities as well as by browsing for a degree you want to obtain from home, online. Spending time comparing programs, such as the ones found in our rankings, is a way to gain insight into the type of work you will be required to complete as well as the details of each program individually.

Some of the highest ranking counseling degrees include a school counseling degree, guidance counseling degree, counseling psychology degree, family counseling degree and even a Christian counseling degree. Other religious degrees and educational programs are available to suit a specific program or career goal you may have set as well.

Counseling Degree Rankings

Ph.D. Counseling


Online Master's in Counseling


Master's in Counseling


Bachelor's in Counseling

Careers and Salaries For Counseling Degree Professionals

Depending on the degree and certification you choose to obtain, there are many different career paths available working as a counselor or in psychology. Counseling degrees range from becoming a school counselor or a clinical psychologist to working with those involved with mental health issues themselves.

Counseling DegreeA counseling degree salary also fluctuates and varies based on the position you have as well as where you are currently located. The average salary for school and career counselors is $53,380, whereas a clinical counselor's median salary is $73,090. The median salary for a traditional psychologist is $68,640, but can scale upwards of $89,000 depending on where you are working and the state you reside in. Choosing the right career for you may be based on your own personal interest and the types of environments you prefer working in. School and career counselors are often more limited on the type of information they can discuss, whereas a clinical counselor or psychologist has more familiarity when dealing with substance abuse, physical violence and even suicidal thoughts in patients. Check out our depth info on the evolution of psychotherapy, a popular specialization in this field.

Once you compare all of the best counseling degrees that appeal to you, it will be much easier selecting the program that is most suitable for any future plans you have in mind related to your career choices.

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