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5 Jobs for Counselors Trained in Crisis Intervention

Counselors who are compassionate and calm are some of the best people to work in crisis intervention. Within this field, counselors can enjoy rewarding work and strong job prospects. Depending on the counselor's specific interests, they may want to work at a variety of different places. On average, crisis counselors make a median wage of $36,653 per year.

1. FEMA and Aid Groups

When a hurricane hits the United States or other natural disasters occur, counselors are in high demand. Aid groups like FEMA send out counselors trained in crisis intervention to help people recover from the devastating emotional impact of a disaster. In addition, local government agencies and aid groups often need counselors following terror attacks and mass shootings. Following the shooting at Columbine High School, counselors were brought in to help calm terrified parents and students. The emotional fallout from a disaster or attack can last for years, which is one of the reasons that counselors remain in high demand.

2. Suicide Hotline

While some suicide hotlines train entry level employees, the best hotlines use counselors who are trained in crisis intervention. This job may be stressful to experience, but the results are rewarding. Each day, counselors at a suicide hotline have a chance to save lives and make a difference in families across the country. They may coach patients through a difficult experience, listen to people who just need human contact or guide the patient to treatment options that can help.

3. Working With Veterans

When veterans return home from a war, they are often plagued with mental disorders like depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. For these veterans, counselors play a vital role in helping them recover and return to normal life. Counselors in this field may world for private companies or the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Depending on the employer, the average pay for this job may vary. No matter what the job pays, counselors can feel satisfied knowing that their contribution leaves a lasting impact for military veterans.

4. Addiction Counseling

Many counselors with specializations in crisis intervention end up working as addiction counselors. For drug addicts and alcoholics, it is important to gain community support and addiction education. Counselors play a vital role in addiction recovery because they help the individual to learn why they are addicted and how to remain sober. On average, substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors make a wage of $39,270 per year or $18.88 per hour. The top 10 percent of counselors earn an estimated $61,420, and the bottom 10 percent earn a fairly respectable $25,310 per year.

5. Counseling Crime Victims

After becoming a victim of a crime, it is normal for people to experience fear, anxiety, guilt and paranoia. For these individuals, a counselor plays a vital role in helping the victim regain their sense of normalcy. While some counselors run a private practice, other counselors work with law enforcement agencies and governmental groups to help crime victims.

With the right training and experience, individuals can enjoy a rewarding career in the field of crisis intervention. From working at suicide hotlines to counseling veterans, individuals can look forward to a well-paid career track and multiple job options. Once the counselor has achieved their degree and certification in crisis intervention, they can begin working in the area that interests them the most.

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