Major Software Company Recruiting People with Autism as Programmers

Adults with autism often find it challenging to obtain meaningful employment, but we've started to notice a trend in the last few years: companies specifically looking to hire people with autism, the latest company being German software giant SAP. They've already hired people with autism in Ireland and India, and their goal is that 1% of their workforce of 61,000 be people with autism.

The article quoted the parent of a 14-year old with Asperger syndrome as saying "People with autism have some unique abilities to really focus on their task and stay focused for long periods of time. They are also good at spotting discrepancies in data."

Some other companies we've noticed are hiring people with autism:

Auticon (Germany)
Specilisterne (Copenhagen)
Aspiritech (Illinois, USA)
Arc Industries (Ohio, USA)
Nobisworks (Atlanta)

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