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The fields of counseling and psychology are anticipating significant job growth and opportunities as the need for therapy becomes more mainstream. There are many different employment settings that offer opportunities to counselors and psychologists including schools, hospitals, corporations, non-profits and retirement communities. Educational opportunities are varied and include online as well as traditional classroom settings and post-secondary programs offer a wide array of specializations. These 30 blogs provide up to date, thoughtful and thorough information about counseling and psychology.

General Psychology

1. Psychology Today : The popular magazine, Psychology Today, provides blog posts from over 750 leaders in psychology on current trends and news in the field. Readers can expect to find a vast array of topics and commentaries from trusted sources.
Highlight: Parenting and the Use of Corrective Violence

2. Scientific American MIND : A network of thought provoking, independent blogs around the science of the mind.
Highlight: The Real Link Between the Psychopathology Spectrum and the Creativity Spectrum

3. About.com: Psychology : Psychology blog on about.com written by Kendra Cherry. Kendra blogs about what it means to be a psychologist and answers questions related to psychology.
Highlight: 10 Signs You are a Psychology Major

4. Psych Central Blogs: Psych Central Blogs is a collection of blogs related to mental health and psychology topics. Blog topics are diverse and include both news updates and research based articles. Those interested in practical application and resources for self-help will find this blog of interest.
Highlight: How to Get Out of a Bad Mood: 12 Tips

5. We’re Only Human : The Association for Psychological Science blog by author Wray Herbert. Wray blogs about studies related to issues that affect our society including obesity, wealth, racism and relationships.
Highlight: The Graying of Trauma: Revisiting Vietnam’s POWs

6. Psyblog: This blog promotes studies related to psychology that are backed by science. Articles shared are from reputable scholarly journals and publications on a variety of topics related to many areas of psychology including social, cognitive and cyber psychology.
Highlight: Social Anxiety Disorder: Impressive Study Reveals The Very Best Treatment

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7. Feeling Good-The Website of Dr. David D. Burns, MD : A therapists blog created by Dr. Burns highlighting upcoming conferences and workshops to improve effectiveness in the treatment of mental health issues. Many posts contain interviews with leaders in the area of psychotherapy.
Highlight: Is Depression Really Due to a Chemical Imbalance in the Brain? Do So Called “Antidepressants” Actually Correct a Chemical Imbalance?

8. BrainBlogger : BrainBlogger is provided through the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation (GNIF). Authors take a unique biopsychosocial approach to mental health.
Highlight: Treating Children and Teens Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

9. Research Blogging : Blog include reviews of scholarly articles and studies in peer reviewed journals. Bloggers cover a wide array of topics from the treatment of psychological disorders to the reasons behind human behavior.
Highlight: Schizophrenia After Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders

10. Shrink Rap : A blog written by psychiatrists, topics covered include psychotherapy, pharmacology, mental illness and psychiatry. Articles are relevant to current events and are intelligent and witty. Scholars, practitioners and anyone with an interest in psychiatry or psychology will enjoy this blog.
Highlight: Eliminating Stigma with Psychiatric Disorders: Is it Even Possible?

11. Laura’s Psychology Blog: A collection of research based articles from around the web of interest to text book author and professor Dr. Laura Freberg. A weekly roundup of what is trending in the field of psychology.
Highlight: What We Can Read From Brainwaves

12. After Psychotherapy : Author and scholar, Joseph Burgo, blogs about his insights and professional experience in the field of psychology. The blog also provides a perspective of life after therapy is complete.
Highlight: The Up-Regulation of Joy

13. Research Digest : A blog by the British Psychological Society that provides blog posts of scholarly articles that are cutting edge, relevant and thought provoking. Since the review hundreds of articles each month, they are able to find those that are important to the field, but not covered by other sources. Guest contributions are new for 2014.
Highlight: Eye Contact Makes Us More Aware of Our Own Bodies

General Counseling

14. Mentalhelp.net: This blog provides articles on a variety of mental health and illness topics of interest to professionals as well as laypeople. The focus is on providing accurate and timely information by experienced professionals and educators in the field of mental health.
Highlight: How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

15. American Counseling Association Blog : This blog provides personal thoughts and insights from a variety of authors on tops of interest to counselors and mental health professionals. Bloggers write about personal experiences and what they are seeing in their respective fields.
Highlight: It’s Not About Being the Best, It’s Doing Your Best That Really Matters

16. Counselling Resource : International blog which provides insightful and often philosophical views on research and trends in the field of psychology.
Highlight: Beyond Self Awareness: Self Development

17. Online Therapy Institute : Blog provides articles from TILT Magazine that focus on technology opportunities in counseling. Innovative practices are discussed and ideas are shared about how to make the most of therapy in a virtual world.
Highlight: How Do I Starting Using Technology in Counseling or Coaching?

18. Everyone Needs Therapy : Personal thoughts and analysis from a professional on hot topics and current events that have an impact on the mental health community.
Highlight: Ray Rice Power and Domestic Violence in the NFL

19. Private Practice from the Inside Out: All Things Private Practice : A comprehensive resource for current or future private practice counseling professionals. Posts providing marketing ideas, business strategies and other topics related to owning or working in a private practice environment are shared.
Highlight: Therapists Blogging For Business: 15 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

20. Mastersincounseling.org: The blog for the Mastersincounseling.org website which focuses on providing information about masters level online accredited counseling programs. The author shares career advice which helps current and prospective students prepare for a professional career in counseling.
Highlight: How to Treat Narcissists in Couples Therapy

21. The Counseling Geek : This blog provides useful information on how to set up blogs, how to network with other professionals, and professional development opportunities for counselors with an emphasis on school counseling.
Highlight: Building a Better School Counseling Blog Series: The First Steps

Specialized Areas in Counseling

22. Admitted : This blog is sponsored by the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Topics offer practical advice for those working with higher education students through the admission process and program selection.
Highlight: Research Suggests That Choice of Major Drives Post College Earnings

23. Counselor: The Magazine for Addiction Professionals : This blog provides resources related to addiction treatment and recovery, as well as other related mental health topics. A number of addictions are addressed including substance, sex and shopping addictions.
Highlight: Breathing, Mindfulness and Addiction Recovery

24. School Counselor Blog: A blog for school counselors providing creative ideas and unique lesson plans on challenging topics. Highlight: Shutting the Door on Digital Predators

25. Christian Counseling and Education Foundation : Blog for those interested in emphasizing Christian principles and guidance in their therapy and counseling work.
Highlight: Slow-er Relationships

26. Power of Two Counseling Center : Kim Bowen is an LPC who blogs about marriage and relationship counseling. Through her own experience in couples therapy, Kim has been inspired to help others by providing information and her reflections related to this area of mental health.
Highlight: Why Would My Marriage Counselor Tell Us to Call it Quits?

27. I Don’t Want This Divorce : Relationship Counselor, Michael Brooks, blogs about topics related to divorce and separation. As a Divorce Coach, his topics talk about healing and coping with separation in a healthy manner.
Highlight: No One’s Going to Respect You Till You Respect Yourself

Specialized Areas in Psychology

28. Child in Mind : Written by a pediatrician, Claudia Gold offers a blog with a holistic perspective on child mental health. Many topics raise the question of whether medication is really necessary in the treatment of child mental health disorders.
Highlight: Days of Awe and the Certainty of Neuroscience

29. In the News: Forensic Psychology, Criminology, and Psychology-Law : Karen Franklin is a forensic psychologist who blogs about the field of forensic psychology. Included in the blog is a comprehensive explanation of the field and what it takes to become a professional in this up and coming field of psychology.
Highlight: Forensic Psychology: Is it the Career for Me?

30. NeoAcademic : Industrial/Organizational Psychology blog related to I/O education, training, and practical application in the workplace. Reviews and links to conferences, trainings, and higher education programs are provided.
Highlight: How to Write a Publishable Social Scientific Research Article: Exploring Your “Process”

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